What is this website all about?

If you wish for a psychic reading, then you are in the right place.
Here we offer vedic astrology combination charts to find out if your partner is your soulmate or if you are meant for each other by destiny.
By intuition and psychic insight we will offer you advice for any area of your life in a way that will benefit and motivate you.
If you feel stuck with your career, job, family or relationship, finding the root of the problem and proper spiritual guidance can be the key to solve issues from all corners.
If you are sick or have physical pain, join Shree Balajee in free chat and there in a matter of minutes, your pain and sickness will be healed. With each second you can tell how better you feel until you get 100% pain free in free chat. One time healing is free of charge. Experience it yourself Emoji.


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Vedic astrology chart and prediction by intuition

Vedic astrology focuses on all areas of your life. Since ancient times it was used to render a more fulfilling life and to analyze family and relationship constellations, check career opportunities and wealth.
Astrology is based on astro science. Thousands of years of research have made it more easy to apply it to every day life, health, wealth, relationship, work, family and karmic energy. Basically, to all areas where we need to work on ourselves and solve issues on a daily basis.
Intuition and prediction play a key role in reading. Nowadays, you can easily find your vedic chart on the internet and get explanations on planets, signs etc., but this is all general information and not a psychic reading with powerful intuition of outcomes of the situation!
Intuition empowers astrology since it provides future vision to all areas of your life. And when prediction takes place, it will make you more positive to be guided on the right path. Psychic reading can be tuned to any person's thought to find out how any person thinks about you: as a partner, as friend, as a flirt or as a serious relationship.

How does healing work

Healing happens by the grace of the divine. It is a million times faster and more effective than any medicine today.
Just after one healing which will take only a minute you will experience relief from pain right away. You may feel as if you have waited that many years for this special day to come, to have this joyful experience and to be free from pain.
Healing or divine grace is an unlimited source which can help you in all areas of life. It can also apply to your career if you feel as if luck doesn't work and you want that positive change you have waited for so many years. It might seem you are so far from that change, however, through healing it can take place any sooner.
If your relationship seems difficult or falling apart, still there is a chance and healing may bring a positive outcome. Just give a try and join the free chat and share your problem. It may solve miraculously, even though you have waited for such a long time.
Shree Balajee has healed thousands of people all over the globe. You will find all testimonials if you do some research online.
His healing sessions are instant, fast and effective. People who came for healing were surprised how their physical pain they have had for 20 or 25 years disappeared in seconds. They came in contact with that divine grace of the Almighty Goddess.

Why should you join our membership ?

Welcome, Willkommen, namste,

Our website is an online platform. You can join us in free chat anytime you want, from home, from your job or any other place. Anytime you experience physical pain, sickness or other issues, just login to our free chat. Just imagine for a while you are in your office having an important business meeting, or a job interview or a date and all of a sudden you experience any kind of physical pain and you are not sure if you can make it. Shree-Balajee-Psychic is here to help you, help all of you, he does not judge. Shree-Balajee-Psychic will start to heal you in seconds over webcam and you can update real time how much better you feel. The first healing is ALWAYS FREE. If any other issue(s) come up, you can first join Shree-Balajee-Psychic in public chat and then purchase credits online with (buy credit option on our website). This enables you to have your very own private reading or healing session with Shree-Balajee-Psychic. Private time credit rate is $3.00 per minute. One thing we would like to make clear: When you join public chat, there will NEVER be a reduction of your purchased credits. You only use your credits when you request a private reading or healing. Minimum private time reading is 20 minutes and maximum time is determined by you. Shree-Balajee-Psychic will try to help you as much as he can in public chat, however, some things are best in a private one-on-one session between you and Shree-Balajee-Psychic. We look forward to meeting you and developing a long term friendship based on trust, unconditional love and kindness. Namaste