Terms & Conditions

1. All are welcome to join our site and participate on here. We simply trust that all members and experts will be nice to one other and help create a friendly atmosphere. Here are a few laws that all have to follow.

2. IF any member who registers and as a user, abuses and becomes violent with other members or experts, his or her IP address will be banned for breaking law. The fund will not be returned, and the member’s IP address will be permanently banned from this site. This site will do its best to protect all rights of company.

3. IF any other company is found to be trolling, hacking or insulting this site, it will be taken very seriously and lawsuit will be placed against that company or person on an international level.

4. Any money fraud committed will be taken very seriously by the company. Any false attempt about money made by member will also be taken very seriously. In such cases the company will take all the evidence required so as to save its rights.

5. Psychic work is guidance beyond science, science came in light because of the psychic ability to understand matter.  Hence it is more about providing guidance rather than product selling.

6. Company ensures that it will not share personal information about any of its clients to any 2nd or 3rd party.

7. In terms of harassing elements, this site is not a place for trolling, hacking or abusing. This site is respected and supported by people from all over the world. We humbly request all to fairly follow these simple terms and conditions.

8. Our company is an online platform and there are bound to be technical issue and errors from time to time. To solve such issues, our technician team works on it day/night, whenever required. When such issues occur, the site might appear to be under construction or an error page may appear for a few minutes or a short amount of time. After these technical issues have been solved, the site will appear in a better and improved manner.

9. We suggest that you interact with the psychic expert of your choice in live chat to ensure that you need a reading before proceeding to purchase credits. After taking private assistance, time and guidance of our expert psychics, members will not be refunded with their spent credits.

10. When any member is sure of wanting a reading, we request that you get it done within the same country where you have registered and bought credits from. This is because due to security reasons, our site may not appear in certain critical areas.

( may goddess mangalchandi bless you all for following path of inner peace )