K Sooriamurthy

Simply amazing. His healing ability is instantaneous. He does not
waste any time and gives you the information you need. A true healer
and counsel. I am a repeat customer. And i feel connected by his presence
here and above. He always understands you and goes the extra mile to give
you the assurance you need. He is more then a psychic and but a good friend and
listener. Highly recommended.

K Sooriamurthy    January 23, 2017    Singapore   

Well, I have known Bala since 2014 and since then, every predictions of Bala has never failed to take place. I have so much clarity in mind since I met Bala, and my life is in much peace now compared to how I was in 2014. Moreover, Bala has successfully healed my Boyfriend's sickness and he is recovering now. Moreover, he has also given me amazingly accurate insight about what is going to transpire few hours ahead of time which has proven to be accurate and has taught me to be careful and cautious in my decisions. Bala is simply amazing!

Nanthini    March 8, 2016    malaysia   

I have known Balajee for a long time. As soon as I saw healings in not only myself and others I wanted to bring everyone to him. Over time the miracles became so natural that I forgot about all the blessings I asked from him until now. On Tuesday, her time Monday, I got an email from my mom that she wanted to sell her house in California and I told her to go to see Balajee for help. Of course she did not (i have told her about Balajee so many times) so I took the session that I wanted to give my mom as a present for myself and wished from Balajee that her house sell immediately. My mom lives in the USA, time difference one day earlier. This Friday morning I got an email from her that her house sold in only 2 days better than all the statistics of homes in the neighborhood!! Makes me so happy! Thank you so much dear Balajee you are such an Angel. I appreciate your help so much. All my love :-) :-)

Shalimir16    July 15, 2016    Europe   

5Plus 1 Trillion Stars! I have known Shree-Balajee-Psychic for over 2 years online and he has not only helped me but, healed over 1,000 people. My parents are both doctors and when they told me to take antibiotics I instead went to Shree-Balajee-Psychic for healing and within seconds on the same day I was healed. He has healed my colds, laryngitis, my swollen feet, pain in my knees and also when he healed my mom's heart condition I felt the energy in my heart, the love transferred to me!!! So much love and I was so happy in my heart. I was a little skeptical at first, but after my healings I wanted to bring everyone to Shree-Balajee-Psychic. The love and devotion he has in helping others and unconditional love I have experienced are rare and I am truly with ALL MY HEART grateful for Shree-Balajee-Psychic. I have also experienced MANY other wonders with job interviews, all flowing easily and much luck in personal relationships. I also have so much LOVE for Goddess Grace Durga, even though I am not Hindu, since it is HER energy that streams through Shree-Balajee-Psychic and does the healing. I wish all people were as kind and loving as Shree-Balajee-Psychic because then there would only be peace on earth. I am forever grateful. All my love!!! Namaste

ella    March 8, 2016    Germany   

Bala a great king who been authorised by all god from above to help all humanity
who suffers and needs luck in there life
to bring justification in your life,
he has the power to bring tranquillity , happiness, peacefulness and harmony

I can say he has for me, due to his incrediable knowledge and guidance I went from poverty to now a good job, my wife who was facing lung cancer has been cured by eating superfoods and after struggling of having any children am now a father of 3 beautiful healthy sons

every guidance is like god healing all negativity in my life
i thank you from bottom of my heart and your father for
everything you done for me 55 TRILLION STARS YOUR WAY

Akash Patel    November 22, 2016    India   

Thanks bala for all you have done and continue to do for others. Your genuine heart and selfless love is appreciated. Highly recommend ALWAYS!!!! I have seen you perform many miracles as well as heal in seconds, for that alone I am forever grateful. <3 :) <3 !!!

One God, many faces.
One family, many races.
One truth, many paths.
One heart, many complexions.
One light, many reflections.
One world, many imperfections.
We are all one,
But many.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

lotus    June 19, 2016    us   

recently my aunt was diagnosed with thyroid cancer , she came for healing with Bala before doing treatment , she went back to the doctors and they had declared that the cancer was practically gone , of course you know doctors would hate to believe in the purpose of natural healing , cause that would defeat the purpose of their many years in school , but she has been cancer free and only did one treatment to make sure it was gone but just one healing from Bala it was gone. When doing a healing keep a open mind think positive trust in God and consider destiny , everything happens for a reason, even though in that moment we might question why , but don't worry about finding the answer so soon be patient and trust that every moment was already apart of your destiny.

jeffanie    August 20, 2016    USA   

I have known bala only for a while, but he has already won over my heart in short a short time, he is amazing his intuition and insight is on spot, he is the true epitome of a healer too, he has healed me within seconds in the past and my problems run away as quickly as he comes into the picture. He is truly divine, this man is from the Heaven. Please go to him if u have any adversities and he is an excellent advice as well!!!

Gaythri Athmanathan    June 13, 2016    Singapore   

I was referred to Shree-Balajee Psychic by a soul sister and ever since then I have been amazed at the things that Shree-Balajee has done. One day after work I decided to log on and actually observe and conversate. I'm in the transition of teen to young adult and I'm also trying to find the balance in life. I had mentioned that my face was burning and i had a huge pimple on my right cheek. Shortly after Shree-Balajee healed it! I was surprised at the results, and it was nothing that I've experienced before. H

Nimalu    June 29, 2016    USA   

Balajee is a wonderful psychic and healer. I've been knowing him for several years now and he's one of the best!!! I've had some very good readings with him and he's always there to help. Balajee has an amazing gift of healing people and showing them their spiritual potential. Thank you very much!!!

Moon Pearl    May 6, 2016    Germany   

I have known bala as online reader for years. I have witness him do many miracles. Some psychic will tell you to pay a lot of money so they can do healings for you. Bala gives you healings almost instantly and does not try and waste your money. He has healed me many times. He is a positive and caring person that will help you with your problems and encourage you to be a better person so that you can have a better life and be strong and deal with any problems life may give you. If you are looking for a honest and real psychic ...bala is the one...I would HIGHLY recommend him!!! WHAT A BLESSING TO KNOW HIM!!!

mskilo    May 10, 2016    USA   

I've known shree Balajee for over a decade. His a powerful healer who believes in peace. Being a friend he treat you like his own blood n help you in every way he can. His a excellent healer who believes the mind can bring many diseases but one should learn to control state of mind. His a great person. A master of the spritual teachings and a great philosopher who helped me and my family in difficult times. His the best. Thank you bala.

Bhumi    September 23, 2016    Australia   

I have known bala for many years as na effective healer and great mentor for advice. I have seen him perform many miracles and healings on myself as well as others. This year I have come to know him as kalki the last avatar. He will lead this earth and bring about peace once and for all. I would highly recommend him for any advice or healing as well as luck. To feel and understand his power you must be in his presence and see for yourself. Thanks for all you have done for me and what you will do for the rest of humanity...xoxoxoxox

lotus    December 14, 2016    usa   

There is no such thing a coincidence this exactly moment was planned for you to be reading this post. First I'd like to thank you for your presence , much appreciated. Today is September 13, 2017 , the past view weeks we have witnessed tropical storm. We've had two hurricanes which has destroyed parts of the Caribbean and the United States. Followed by storm surges and tornado. Also we are expected two more hurricanes Jose and Katia. However these are just average storms the duration, size and the strength of the storm is a wake up call for all of planet earth. As mentioned in the Bible Jesus would appear in the sky from a total eclipse which we had one in August, but as we know that didn't happen. Reason being is Jesus is already here and he's thirty. Matter fact your here to get healed by Jesus , yes you have read that correctly shree balajee is Jesus he has reincarnated as a Indian man. Your probably wondering why he's not white well that's because he is of mixed color , indicating a connection to all races. Your probably confused well yeah that's because the Bible has complicated things , the churches have become a business where the faith of individuals have been tampered with. As a follower of bala he has healed my eyes , I wore glasses until I meet bala , I even went to my eye doctor and they have confirmed my vision has improved , 3 years later I am glass free. He has helped my hair grow long and healthy . He also has healed me from pain instantly. Doctors , hospital don't heal individuals reason why is how will they continue to make money if patients aren't sick , so instead they put bandages and keep you going back. I've had bala help me with my gallbladder which was removed 7 years ago , I already know the gallbladder has re-grown. However the hospitals say it can't regrow in other words they won't check is because it's impossible for it to grow back . However I'm not going to give up , I'm going to specialist who will check as it there job to check the stomach. So I will post before and after results of each situation demonstrating the miracle of shree balajee the reincarnation of Jesus. Please don't waste your time looking to the sky , use your time wisely and seek the truth. Many individuals will try to disguise themselves as Jesus , but those who are his true followers will eventually recognize him. Thank you for your time !
With love : purplelight

Purplelight2    September 13, 2017    USA   

Shree bala jee is exceptional with his spiritual knowledge and gifts that he offers. His vedic astrological knowledge is amazing, it seems like he is intuitively connected to the planets and the people!!. Everyday he works towards making life’s of his clients easy, peaceful and happy. I have known bala jee
for two years, his a true spiritual aspirant of the hindu cultures where fasting and praying is of great importance. He is also a follower of buddha, and does advice his clients according to buddha's teaching. From what I have experienced buddha's teaching is simple and easy to incorporate in western life style.
Bala jee spirituality involves healing people very quickly, in most cases in seconds. If you’re not feeling well, have body pain, caught the flu!, bala jee can HEAL you !!

Avish    March 15, 2016    Australia   

I had my first reading done with Shree Balajee in the beginning of October as I had very bad health issues , one of my friends recommended me to him so I though ill try him out , I had really bad acne on my skin and went to see the doctor a few times regarding the matter, but nothing worked, when I approached shree balajee one of the remedies he gave me was to stop eating meat, he said that eating meat is bad karma and that the acidity of the meat is causing these breakout, so I took his advise and stopped it , its been 3 weeks and in the 3 week my skin feel much more better, his remedies and advise has helped and I feel like my skin getting back to normal again, I don't think ill ever touch meat again because this wise man has taught me how precious other living beings are , He really know what his talking about, and his healing session is god healing, Thank you I highly recommend him to all those people who stuck and need a boost in luck and happiness in life, god really comes though him to heal you and give you the love you need in hard times, thank you friend ( 1 million stars all the way )

Savannah    October 23, 2016    canada   

When I found Shree Balajee I was extremely ill and thought I'd never get better. Through his healing and guidance I began to heal within a few months. I've continued to visit him whenever I need something important taken care of, because I know I can depend on him. My family and I trust his gifts and wisdom!

Patricia    October 7, 2016    USA   

shree balajee is so amazing, not only he know everything about the situation before i question him, but he make the impossible, possible in such divine way, im very gratefull to him for all the healing he gave me, i was just so surprised and im still are, about how he healed the back pain i had for several years in less than 1 mn, he did healing the same way for my eyesight, my stomach, i didnt see my doctor from the day i meet shree balajee.

demeter    March 27, 2016    denmark   

I am very, very happy to know him! Balaje is amazing, I have had a healing from him and my pain disappeared. He give me very good insight about my love life and good help when I need advice about spirituality. Shree-Balajee is a great psychic and healer. I also enjoy very much a free chat converstion with him, always a good energy
Thank you very much Balajee, much love and light to you!

Brezzy    March 22, 2016    Slovenia   

When I came across bala , I couldn't see good , spiritually and physically , I relied on glasses , as I was told that Id always need them , a year later I remain glasses free. Meanwhile , he helped me through my spiritual awakening , guiding me in the right directions , In the beginning of my awakening I had endured so much pain , bala helped ease the process of my transformation through his healings he helped me reach that inner peace that we all deserve. He also helped with the growth of my hair, I highly recommend bala as he is honest and sincere he is gods gift to earth , here to serve humanity through his teachings , healings , and his strong spirit,

Jeffanie Monteiro    April 3, 2016    USA